Our Solution

We simplify HR administration and benefits complexity.

We are carrier agnostic and can work beside any third party vendors in the industry at no cost to you.
Here are some of the major differences when comparing Simple Life against other products:

We enhance broker and HR/employee relationships through technology, yet it
is not an insurance broker replacement.

Stay on top of your benefits.
We can have your company
set up within a day.

We work directly with insurance
companies engineering
departments to streamline the
entire benefit process — from
enrollment through termination.

Integration of multiple
platforms allows you to simply
make changes in one place.

We are 100% paperless.
We know, it is crazy there are still
so many vendors requiring you to
use a printer and scanner.

Simple Life vs a PEO

Our platform works with any insurance carrier. We do not charge high monthly administration or worker’s comp fees that are hidden in the percentage of the employer’s gross payroll. You pay the market rate with insurance carriers and can use Simple Life as your client support service at no cost. Therefore, when a PEO employer leaves the PEO and onboards with Simple Life they are relieved from paying the higher payroll taxes for FUTA and SUTA since you will no longer be pooled with a larger group. In addition, we do not lock you into annual contracts or make it a hassle when your company has hundreds of employees and ready to move on.

Simple Life vs other broker subscription services

Simple Life is not a one size fits all small business model. We are laser focused on supporting all small businesses headquartered in CA. Therefore, the HR and employee experience is clearly specific to the types of policies and services that you get from the 80+ major insurance carriers in the state.

Simple Life vs other payroll benefit systems

Payroll companies are fantastic. Everybody needs one (if they are not using a self-service product like Intuit Payroll). As many employers are aware payroll companies specialize in one service, payroll. Many payroll companies have over 500,000 businesses they support or millions of employees. The call center support model is not the way Simple Life feels companies are best suited. With Simple Life you will be able to get your payroll deduction spreadsheet with a click to update your vendor. We make it easy and want it to be clear we are not a payroll company (although we will develop the API with Intuit...in simple terms, you will be able to send the payroll deductions to Intuit without any additional steps in the near future).