Our Solution

Simplify your benefits and HR administration.

We partner with insurance brokers and consultants (we are not a broker) to deliver
leading benefits enrollment and communication solutions to employers.
Here are some of our advantages compared to other products:

We put people first by enhancing employee, HR, broker, and
insurance carrier relationships through technology.

Broker and employer accounts
can be set up in less than 30 minutes.

We work directly with insurance
companies to streamline the entire
policy lifecycle - from enrollment
through termination.

Unique employee, HR, and broker
dashboards deliver focused experiences and connect our users in real time.

We are 100% paperless.

Simple Life vs other payroll benefit systems

We work alongside existing payroll providers and internal payroll processes. Our platform manages employee rate and benefit changes all the way to the very end by immediately delivering payroll deduction updates directly to HR.

Simple Life vs other broker subscription services

We are laser focused on supporting small businesses headquartered in CA. Our employee, HR, and broker experiences are specific to the policies and services offered by the 80+ insurance carriers in the state.

Simple Life + insurance broker vs. a PEO

PEO’s charge high administrative and workers comp fees, limit carriers and plan offerings, and remove the consultative expertise of insurance brokers. Simple Life enables every employer to offer any combination of insurance carriers and plan designs with maximum efficiency. The best part, when brokers transition their employer clients from a PEO to Simple Life, the average savings is over 20%.