About us

Simple Life is a California-based insurance platform on a mission to make the insurance enrollment and education process understandable once and for all.

We have thrown out the old world approach and have streamlined the flow from the ground up. The Simple Life experience was built with the individual consumer in mind through every step of the process. It is the first service to harmonize and create synergy between the individual, HR, insurance carrier and insurance broker. Enjoy a new way of purchasing and managing one of the important cornerstones in your life, insurance.

The Leadership Team

Ryan Bedrosian

Founder & CEO

Ryan is focused on simplifying the insurance industry. By redefining some of the day to day roles of the insurance broker through technology, slowly can a shift to enlightening our clients be made possible. Ryan was fortunate to be raised in the insurance industry and grow from the decades of family knowledge at Bedrosian & Associates and later Benefit Agents. Simple Life is a platform designed to extend these years of experience by enhancing the broker’s relationships with their clients. Layer by layer, Simple Life will unfold a multitude of solutions until we are left with an industry that will be more pleasing to work within. Simple Life looks forward to leading the way of insurance communication and education into the future.

David Kern

Engineering Director

David is a passionate and talented software engineer, scientist and technical leader whose work in regulated industries has provided him with a breadth of experience executing on projects at all scales. His speciality is in the architecture and implementation of distributed computing applications across multiple platforms and technology stacks, particularly when fault tolerance, security and availability are mission critical. David finds his greatest reward in building agile teams and mentoring engineers. He thrives on developing solutions to difficult technical problems and finding ways to make the “impossible” possible.

Ben Lee

Lead Platform Engineer

Ben is a full stack developer specializing in platform engineering using Django on AWS and has delivered several web and mobile apps. He matured his platform skills at Idle Games and led platform engineering at Madefire. Having gained experience in several diverse technology industries with a track record of delivering, Ben has gained the reputation for being the go-to guy for some of the toughest engineering problems. He enjoys developing new methods to securely handle enrollment, plan administration, and compliance information across multiple dashboards and users. Ben finds his greatest reward in collaborating to find solutions to growing his team and scaling the overall business.

Regina Braun

Design & UX Director

Regina has worked with with companies like Apple, Nest, DDB, Goodby and Silverstein & Partners. She produces intuitive and effortless designs after strategic brainstorming sessions with multiple insurance minds. With experience as an Art Director for advertising commercials, live action, animation and 360 campaigns she is able to creatively collect core concepts and bring them into both the web and mobile user experience. She is consistently collaborating with the design and animation teams as Simple Life continues to develop the platform making insurance and the benefit space easier to manage.

Ryan McKenzie

Director of Client Success

If you need help, Ryan leads the support team. He is passionate and enthusiastic to assist business owners, HR and employees. Ryan has been in the insurance industry for 7 years. As a licensed agent, he is an expert with all of the carrier rules, payroll services, regulations as well as any ACA and other compliance concerns. Ryan manages the implementation team that can set up your company and employees benefit program within the hour.

Arman Vahdatinia

Director of Online Sales & Marketing

Arman is a licensed insurance agent. He has a deep understanding of marketing and sales in both the finance and insurance industries. In 2012, he started Benefit Agents, an online insurance agency assisting those on Covered CA and SHOP. Arman is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of insurance sales, business development and compliance. Arman also oversees the Help Center content which is curated by multiple brokers through years of client support. If you have any general questions about the Simple Life service or general employee benefits rules or regulations he will make sure that those solutions are shared with the world in the Help Center.

Our Core Values

We love what we do. We explore our creativity and take on challenges with enthusiasm and are passionate about our business. Our partners and clients feel the love everyday.

We listen closely to our clients and the needs of the industry. We embrace personal accountability and deliver what we promise beyond expectations.

We redefine and catapult the insurance industry to higher grounds, yet we strive to become closer and more approachable
to the consumer than ever before.

We educate our partners and customers on the importance of our technologies, including our One Touch Method, in order to enhance everyone’s understanding of insurance - from the first quote to collecting a claim.

We are thoughtful with our intentions. Good mistakes happen and are part of the learning process.

We have fun while making the impossible, possible.

We appreciate a Simple Life.